What is an Active Account?

A member that has paid their Annual Account fee is deemed to have an Active Account. 

What is the minimum cashout?


When can I cashout my referral commissions?

Referral commissions are credited to your account earnings balance instantly and are immediately available for withdrawal providing that you have an active account and $10.00 or more available to cashout. 

How long do Cashouts take?

We process Cashouts several times per day during normal business hours.  Upon processing, cashouts are immediately transferred to your payment processor account.

How much does each Miner cost?

Each Miner costs $1.00.

Each Miner credits your account with a 5% Qualifier that lasts for 30 days and increases your share in the daily distribution.

What does Qualifier mean?

Qualifier is designed to ensure continuous sales.  Members must be aware that sales equate to earnings and without sales there can be no commissions or distributions.

Qualifier is a calculation that determines the qualification level of each member and can never exceed 100%. 

Qualification level is required to earn from our marketing plan.  Members increase their Qualifier by purchasing Miners or other products & services at the rate of 5% for each $1.00 spent. 

Qualifiers remains active for 30 days and therefore is a continuous requirement to maintain the well-being of Daily-Bits.

Qualifiers may be adjusted from time to time in order to maintain the highest level of motivation. 

Do I get paid for direct sales and the sales of my team through 10 levels of affiliates?

Yes. We pay out for the sale of products and/or services such as Miners that are made through 10 levels at 10% on your direct sales then 2% through the following 9 Levels.  This is paid on all sales and daily revenue share payments.

When can I cashout my earnings?

Active accounts can cash out whenever the cash balance reaches $10

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can have?

You may have as many as you desire.  The more referrals you have the better as you are paid 5% on all sales from your direct referrals and continue to receive this through 10 levels.

Do you have an automated recruiting system in place?

Yes, we have added to each account a Facebook and Twitter Recruiting Platform / System that all you have to do is set up your App and let the Daily-Bits Professionals post to your groups and followers.  The action virtually guaranteed that you will automatically recruit dozens of new members direct to your team.  NOTE: You need to add followers and quality groups for this to be 100% successful.  

Do you have a vacation mode?

It’s fairly simple.  All you have to do is purchase 20 new Miners each month and you are fully qualified.  If not, don’t worry about it, you will simply miss out on earnings for the days you have no Qualification, however, you will not lose out on your earnings potential for each Miner purchased. 

Where can I find my referral link?

Your referral link can be found both in your Control Panel and the Marketing page within the drop-down menu Dashboard.  It looks like: http://www.daily-bits.com/login/registration/ref/YOUR ID NUMBER

Can I refer myself?

No. Users found abusing our referral program will be terminated.

This also goes for referring family members etc. for the purpose of gaining and advantage over your upline sponsor.