Our mutual vision and mission must be followed and understood by all of us and adopted into our own lives and businesses. The essence of Daily-Bits’ vision is to help each of us improve our own lives, the lives of our families and contribute to the world around us. Doing business in a socially-conscious way means being aware of, and looking for, opportunities to give back and make our world better. Nothing we do occurs in a vacuum. Everything we do affects others around us, and no one is an island. By lifting each other up, we enhance our world and our own lives. Every child has the potential to achieve greatness in his/her life, and it will take great minds and dedication to solve the problems of our world: job opportunities, literacy, war, disease, malnutrition, violence. If we don’t create the economic and social opportunities for that greatness to develop, we all lose out on what the potential could be for everyone.

Daily-Bits believes in forging partnerships among our affiliates, community organizations, churches and non-profits, government agencies and programs, as well as private and publicly-owned companies, private investors and lending and funding organizations to create and set an example of new ways to do business in a socially-conscious manner. In pursuing these ends Daily-Bits Affiliates are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards of legal and ethical behavior. This includes, but is not limited to the following list of Ethics and Conduct:

1. Affiliates shall honorably strive to help individuals and families achieve their personal and financial goals through the Daily-Bits opportunity, our tools and training, and through their own personal giving.  Every family should have the opportunity to build their own personal wealth and financial security through their entrepreneurial efforts, without being unduly restricted in the process.

2. Affiliates shall honorably and accurately represent Daily-Bits’ Vision, Mission and Values at all times, as each affiliate represents the face of Daily-Bits within their community. Each Affiliate also pledges to positively represent the programs and services offered by Daily-Bits and not act or speak in a disparaging or negative manner about our very own affiliate organization.

3. Affiliates shall practice the guiding principle of the “Golden Rule” or the “Ethic of Reciprocity” This concept is found in every culture and faith around the world. Treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated insures every person is treated with respect and dignity. Daily-Bits Affiliates are expected to do their utmost to create win-win solutions for all involved: A positive and profitable experience for new Affiliates, a positive one for Customers, and a positive one for others in our community, nation and the world.

4. Affiliates are Givers. Daily-Bits strive to be a giving organization first and foremost, and Affiliates are expected to carry this through by their own persona t l acts of giving and kindness to those around them. 5. Affiliates are Self-Improvers.  Active, purposed affiliates of Daily-Bits are on a path of on-going improvement in personal and business understanding that will positively impact them, their family, their community and country.

6. No affiliate shall knowingly support, encourage or engage in a transaction that is likely to cause financial hardship to any party in the transaction.  Affiliates will not pressure or push a prospect to purchase an affiliateship or product if that purchase will burden their family, but will instead help them through some other approach that is affordable and can fit into their family budget.

7. Affiliates shall always conduct their business professionally, with a consistent, conscientious and forthright respect for rights of all parties.

8. Affiliates shall not publically disparage, demean or attack Daily-Bits, its Affiliates, services or charitable activities.  Daily-Bits desire to provide its Affiliates with the best products and service in the industry. Accordingly, we value constructive criticisms and comments. All such comments should be submitted in writing to the Affiliate Services Department. Remember, to best serve you, we must hear from you! While Daily-Bits welcomes constructive input, complaints, negative comments and unflattering remarks made in public or on any online website by Affiliates about the Company, its products, services or compensation program serve no purpose other than to demean our affiliate organization and to sour the enthusiasm of other Daily-Bits Affiliates. Affiliates must not disparage, demean, make negative remarks about Daily-Bits, other Daily-Bits Affiliates, Daily-Bits products, the Compensation Program or Daily-Bits’s directors, officers or employees or make threats to Daily-Bits. At the sole discretion of Daily-Bits any violation of this paragraph may result in immediate suspension or termination and forfeiture of all rights, benefits, Bonus Points and cash balances.

9. Affiliates shall not discriminate against any person whatsoever.

10. Affiliates shall not intentionally misrepresent any material facts regarding themselves, their earnings or their position or authority in the Daily-Bits program, or misrepresent the program itself in their dealings. ONLY Daily-Bits produced materials (such as descriptions, explanations and diagrams) and copywriting may be used in the Affiliates business. Any exception to this would require express written permission from Daily-Bits.

11. Unless licensed to do so, affiliates shall not provide legal, tax, economic, or investment advice or income projections. It is a violation to promote false, deceptive or misleading communications regarding an affiliate’s income, education, training, credentials, experience or qualifications.

12. Affiliates shall not engage in any conduct designed and orchestrated to deceive or defraud prospects, Affiliates, customers or anyone else while representing themselves as part of Daily-Bits. Affiliates cannot promote a service, product or business opportunity to other Affiliates of Daily-Bits without express written permission by Daily-Bits.

13. Affiliates shall abide by all local and national laws of their respective countries and not attempt to circumvent any laws in order to make a sale.  Affiliates shall conform to both the letter and the spirit of the laws in their respective countries.

14. Affiliates shall adhere to Daily-Bits’ Terms of Service at all times. The Terms of Service have been created to protect Affiliates as well as non-affiliates, and honoring both the spirit and the letter of our Terms of Service is the foundation that allows us to make a difference in the world. Violation of any of our Terms of Service can have serious results, both for the Affiliate involved as well as all of Daily-Bits’ Affiliates and partners.

Daily-Bits reserve the right to perform periodic follow-ups with individual Affiliates and customers to ensure that they were treated well and in the letter and spirit of our Code of Ethics and Conduct. At the sole discretion of Daily-Bits, Affiliates who violate the Code of Ethics and Conduct as well as those who violate Daily-Bits’s Terms of Service will face suspension or if the misconduct continues, termination.