what we offer here at the bridge fort group,


there are 2 main options withing the bridgefrt group


FIRSTLY  you can become a subscriber and gane full access to our vast and ever exspanding e-libuary that has a welth of audo books and litrituue covering everything from entertaining novels and thrillers to self help and educational products and tutoreals. ((((((((((((obvusly exspand)))))))))))))))))))



This should go without saying however we feel its important to stress this point....if you are not willing to work or invest time and money in to learnng this simple system stop reading this now as the Subscription Trader position is not for you. To receive a perpetual income from this you will need to at first put the effort in. after you have built up a down line you can then sit back and reep your rewards however i strongly sugest that you keep aplying your time in to this as there are alot of people using this system and making life changing amounts of money with us and  as with most things in this world you reep what you soe. in more than few cases people have got lucky/wise and got a top recruter in there downline and this has made them a very profitable passive income,however why stop there the more efforts you put in or the smarter you work the higher income you receive 

it is common to see instant results from this system from only 1 direct refferal however 

How the commission structure works once you are an ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION TRADER

Firstly to qualify for your commissins your account will need to be "Active", (to activate your account simply pay your subscription fee) for each of your direct referals (we call this level 1) you will receive 50% commission of the total subscription fee in to your account ballance, equaling £50 per subscription. for your level 2 referrales (the people your direct referrels introduced) you will receive 25% equling £25. and finaly your level 3 you will receive 5% equaling £5

Level 1 = £50

Level 2 = £25

Level 3 = £5



20% £20 goes to the cost of the production of the magazene, running costs ie taxs payment prosessor fees hosting fees and staff to man and run the sight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






first off you need to pay your 100 subscription